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What is Social Media Optimization?

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Social Media is a new way to network and communicate online. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn serve as interactive methods for users to share opinions and ideas as well as make business and social connections.
Social Media sites are free, fun and open to anyone. Unlike traditional print media resources, social media makes your business an online interactive experience and gives you the power to reach a worldwide audience that’s ready and willing to share its opinions and recommend your service. By bringing your practice or healthcare service into the social media community, you’re broadening your range and reaching customers you never would have found before.

Get Started with a Basic Social Media Package

Our Basic Social Media package gets you started with up to four of today’s most important social media sites. You’ll be able to bring your practice online and step into social media. The Basic Package includes:
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account setup
  • Choose all four accounts plus interlinking with your website and other social media accounts for a preferred rate
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500 Facebook Likes for $500

Facebook LikesIn addition to providing Basic Social Media packages, we also help clients set up custom Facebook pages and build their social media following. A well-planned “likes” campaign can build brand awareness for your practice and drive targeted traffic to your medical website. Contact Us for more details.

Advanced Social Media Package

Our Advanced Social Media Package is for people who are ready to take their business to the next level. By fully integrating your practice or healthcare service company in a range of social media sites, you’ll increase your visibility, multiply your fan base and build an online community of followers who are more likely to use and recommend your services.
Our Advanced Social Media Package includes:
  • 5-10 social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Advanced Facebook account setup with landing pages and widget interpretation
  • Account management with daily status updates
  • Daily social bookmarking services
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How Social Media Can Benefit Your Practice

Building up your presence on social media sites is a great way to supplement your marketing plan or even to get one started. Studies show that having followers on Twitter and Facebook is good for business -and that patients are more likely than ever to seek medical information and recommendations on social media sites.
With new changes to Google’s search engine algorithm influencing which websites get the top ten spots, it’s more important than ever to get involved in social media to boost your SEO and blogging efforts. What’s more, joining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube will increase your business’ online visibility and boost traffic to your website. Social media also helps you brand your business and make your medical practice more recognizable in the community. It’s more than trendy networking – it’s a key investment in your business.

Do I need a Twitter and Facebook account?

Facebook and Twitter integrationYes! With the increasing influence of social media on the decisions that consumers (and patients) make, it’s absolutely essential to incorporate Facebook and Twitter into your online marketing plan.
Whether you’re new to online marketing or you have an established presence on the internet, joining social networking sites provides more than a “boost” for your online presence. Many potential clients use only social media for health and personal recommendations, and they simply won’t see your website unless you join social networking sites. Getting started and taking control of social media is easy.

Why Choose the R buzz Web Experts

Medical Web Experts | Since 2003At the R buzz, we’re more than just the company setting up your accounts. We’re actively involved in your social media connections and our community helps bring your business online.
Our network consists of experts in social media and actively participating in social bookmarking on a daily basis. Your business is guaranteed connections instantly, boosting your rankings and your page’s visibility. We know Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube like no other marketing company, and allowing us to handle your social media integration means that your practice is in the hands of true experts. Joining our network gets your business established online – because nobody likes having only three friends.

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