Help even, if you are just thinking of Running For Office


Running for Office In 2021?
Better Start Preparing Now

A global pandemic. Social distancing. Door-to-door canvassing restrictions. After the rough 2020 election season, who wants to think about Election Day 2021?Smart candidates, that's who.

Even if you are running for local office, NOW is the time to start your campaign.

Filing periods for 2021 municipal elections are coming up fast. It doesn't matter if you are running for mayor, a city council, a position on school board or for a Water & Soil district. If you don't have your paperwork in on time, you won't make it on the ballot.

Want to get your campaign message out to the masses? Not only will you want to budget for traditional print, but you'll want to budget for digital advertising - now more than ever. 

The majority of donors today contribute online. Having a campaign website and other communications to take online donations will help you raise more money, faster.

If you are not familiar with social media, start using Facebook and Twitter. Instagram Keep in mind that you'll want a split between your personal and campaign social media accounts. Don't mix the two.

By building early online support, you'll have built-in momentum when you announce your candidacy.

Combining offline and online efforts is an effective strategy. Start putting your plan together now.

Remember, your election is closer than you think!

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." ― Benjamin Franklin

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And for god's sake, Political Managers, consultants, ect should  never be the candidate and all of the above should never be the manager, unless your turf is too small, like Water and Soil Commission etc