Online GOTV Strategies

As Election Day draws near, it’s time to give a final push to your supporters.  Effective Get Out The Vote (GOTV) strategies can make a difference. While your campaign ramps up its direct mail, phone and in-person efforts, don’t forget the online component.
While GOTV efforts focus on increasing supporter turnout, these tips also cover related topics.
Increase the frequency of blog posts, email/text messaging and social media updates. Mention the latest news, campaign activities, endorsements, and media coverage. Donation and volunteer requests can also be increased as it comes down to the line. Remind your online followers about Election Day. Change your messaging from persuading people to vote for you to remind them that they should vote for you.
Encourage supporters to help. Sharing, forwarding, retweeting and reposting by supporters can help spread the word. Encourage your followers to share information about early voting, absentee voting, registration deadlines, and polling locations.
Have your supporters text their friends to vote 
Text messages remain the go-to method for online campaigning. If you have built up an l list over the course of the campaign, now is the time to put it into overdrive. Keep reminding subscribers about Election Day, and how important their support mean to you. Make specific volunteer requests for poll monitors and Election Day drivers. Keep texting up to and through Election Day.
Make your last fundraising appeals specific. Let donors know that their money will be used for a specific goal that is critical to victory. For example, you could say that you have one final brochure printed and ready to go, but you need money for the postage – or that you need to hire more phone bank staffers to help get out the vote.
Mobilize your resources. Final reminders across all your communication channels should include the date of the Election, links to where the voting locations exist and when they are open, and contact information for those who may need a ride to the polls.
If you haven’t done so yet, consider a paid advertising campaign. Paid advertising on Facebook will expand your reach to followers, friends of followers or individuals based on specific demographic criteria such as by location, age or interests. Consider running display ads on your local newspaper’s website. You can also use pay-per-click advertising to reach people searching for your name. IP Targeting can be used to reach specific voters on a household level.
Personalize where possible. Different voters have different reasons for supporting you.T he more you can segment and target your messaging, the more effective it will be. Voters are bombarded with massaging leading up to an election. Messaging that resonates with their specific interests will have more of an impact.
For the best turnout, communicate through multiple media and channels. Remember, the failure or success of any political campaign depends on the number of voters coming out to the polls. A well-planned, comprehensive GOTV strategy can mean the difference between winning and losing your election.

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