Legal P2P Texting for campaigns and issues

Political Text messages are sent by individuals we provide a turn-key solution, we send the messages for you in our call center rather than auto-dialing software, the P2P messages allow campaign staff to have a running conversation with the voter, who can ask questions or give feedback. We can also provide the most accurate voter phone lists and fundraising lists available.

Use P2P Texting for Voter Outreach, ID and Turnout (GOTV), Fundraising, Polling, and To Reach Out To Voters and Donors.

E-mails end up in a forgotten spam folder, postal mailings find their way to the recycle bin, but Americans read their text messages.  We offer the resources you need to get your message into the hands of your target audience.  With real people sending real messages from real phone numbers, your audience will be most likely to read and engage with your message.

Either with your own list or a list provided by The R buzz, we will be able to reach out to your audience with your message whether that is fundraising, awareness, or get out the vote operations.  With a real person sending texts, your target audience can respond to those texts and receive more information or direction to your website or other important info you need them to know.

A person to person individual text message gives a personal touch where your audience will be more likely to respond and engage with our live agents.  Create your message, set up a schedule and get your message out quickly.  Set up the responses and information you want our agents to provide to your target audience. We allow for SMS and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) text messages allowing for multiple applications including the ability to send images and traceable links.

Whether you need to fundraise, recruit volunteers, conduct a survey of your list, build a crowd for an event or push for legislative action, peer to peer text messaging can help you reach your goals.

Get your message out quickly and effectively.  Identify and target your audience, limit wasted time sending messages that get ignored and get around the need for opt-in messaging that you would need with an automated system.
We get your message out. Reach Thousands of people per minute with Gravis P2P Texting
We provide Powerful SMS Marketing Features
Have conversations with individual customers or send out a text to thousands at once, We give you everything you need to engage your audience using peer to peer SMS marketing
Peer to Peer Autoresponders
Data Collection Create drip campaigns by automating one or more p2p text messages to be sent anytime after a sign-up Gather customer information the easy way-just ask your subscribers to text it to you.

Reach potential supporters and voters by text message.

Text Messaging for Political Campaigns

A key part of any political campaign strategy should be selecting the right communications tools. SMS text messaging can help you get your message out quickly to supporters and voters. Organize rallies, register new voters, increase voter turnout and remind supporters about the key issues of your campaign.

More effective than sending emails.

98% of recipients read their text messages, 90% within 3 minutes.

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Available on any mobile phone.

Most cell phones receive text messages. No need to download apps or have a smartphone.

Best way to reach younger voters.

95% of 18-29 year use text and average 87.7 text messages on a normal day.

The costs and benefits of voting are weighed when a person registers, and once that step has been taken, a person need only be reminded to vote.
Todd Rogers , Harvard Kennedy School, Paper: Text Messages as Mobilization Tools

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