The RBuzz now offered in micro target your cutomers on Hulu, netflix is in the works starting at 800.00 a Month

 for a little as 800.00 per month, you can GeoFence your potential customers/clients/patients.

I would like to remind others before mobile marketing most small and middles size businesses we spending over 1200.00 a month for yellow page directories used as a sitty helper for small kid guests at dinner. For the first few new clients for my Hulu project, Hulu experts will help us make you new tv ad

and just for emailing  in the next 48 hours I will do a free commercial and blast it to 15 different video platforms bring in customers not just looky-loos

This is the future in Branding/ promotion. since Pandimc over 40 new digital marketing programs have come online. Don't fool around and lose out on the opportunity 

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