Emotional Selling

 “The subconscious mind is the mind of emotion, feeling, goals, fears and phobias. This part of the mind has purchased anything you’ve ever bought.”

-Brian Gregory


In This Episode:

  • The subconscious mind and emotions and feelings (primal emotions) are what drives purchasing decisions.
  • Average small business owners lack the money to hire high-profile ad agencies, so Brian created Admanity to help them go from zero to hero
  • The admanity protocol searches for the most primal emotions that make your business work and make the consumer say “I’ll take it!”
  • The emotional archetype are the traits most likely to move the needle for your business, like affinity, approval, fascination, and admiration.
  • 15 Primal emotions-- not all of them will apply to you and your business!
  • Admanity test doesn’t ask for numbers, or what you really do! It gets to the true emotions of your business and what will move your brand.
  • Advertising agencies usually charge upwards of 15k for this kind of analysis-- Admanity offers the same brand analysis for a fraction of the price.


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