4 Ways Ringless Voicemail Messages Supercharge Your Real Estate Company

If you’re not using ringless voicemail messages in your real estate company, now is an excellent time to start. Here are a few things that ringless voicemails can do for you, and how the system can invigorate your company again.


Make It Personal

The people you’ll be reaching with voicemail will likely associate your ringless voicemail with a personal touch. Some of the other mass-market options may be identified by your target audience as being more like spam. However, if you give them a voicemail, it will feel more like a friend left them a message. Given how personal the real estate industry is since you are literally helping them buy a home, it’s important to create this connection early.

Give Potential Customers Time to Think About It

While phone calls can be highly effective in the right situation, it does have the downside of making it so that the customer has to decide yes or no right away not to mention the time it takes to call all your leads. When it comes to such a huge decision as what real estate agent to use, and ultimately, what house to buy or if they were to sell, it helps to have more time to consider. In this industry specifically, it will lead to more lead conversion. With Stratics Networks Ringless Voicemail You have a combination of the ability to get a personal voice out to people, as well as the added extra time for them to consider things.

Avoid Interrupting Their Day

After sending a Ringless Voicemail, their phone will get a notification that they have voicemail, but it won’t interrupt their day in any real way. Instead, they can listen to the message at their leisure. In fact, if they are looking for a solution to get out of their current housing situation in the first place, it’s likely they will view your voicemail as a gift. People who are in a situation where they want to move often feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of actually getting it done.

In other words, they will likely feel relief when they see something that can give them a possible solution, especially if it happens during downtime when they are just perusing their voicemail messages. Lead conversion is all about finding the right person at the right time and communicating to them in the right way. Ringless Voicemail by Stratics Networks will put you in the place at the right time!

Seize the Right Time

This is the perfect moment to try out ringless voicemail again, right as there is a massive shift to mobile use, during a time when robocallers are everywhere. People will often be able to get voicemail for free and it does not bother them. It’s also cheaper than ever to send out a ringless voicemail to as many leads as you have.

Plus, it’s simple to set up the system. You often only need to input your list and you’re ready to go. If you go with the Stratics Networks system, you’ll also receive a ton of features that make it easy to customize to your situation, such as sending voicemail to landlines or sending them out internationally if that’s where your potential customers are.

Getting Started Today

If you contact Stratics Networks today, we can get you started with our Unlimited Ringless Voicemail program immediately. If you enroll in this program, there is literally no limit to how many leads you can get going for your business. There are very few things you can do to boost your business more than being able to easily contact all the leads you could ever want.

You can also use an all-in-one solution that lets you try other services like Bulk SMS drops, surveys, and live transfers all in addition to your ringless voicemail drops.

The faster you contact us, the quicker we can get started making your company as successful as possible.


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